2018 I’m Ready for You

2018 I’m Ready for You

Hi Loves! In today’s post, I will be sharing some of my goals and dreams for myself in the new year. I can get ahead of myself pretty quickly when it comes to visioning and planning so I figured writing these down will hold me accountable and help me remain realistic while still ambitious.

1. Care More

In this new year, I really want to care more about what’s important to me and to God. Such as, my heart, my relationships and all that God has placed before me to take care of. I truly believe this year is a year of protecting what’s mine and what God has given me. From something as simple as my health to the complexity of my destiny and purpose, I feel called to care, protect and steward what God has granted me. I know this can all be done through a heart that’s submitted to God’s and a perspective that is willing to adopt all of His thoughts. So this means, challenging myself to be more intentional and to care about my health, people, relationships, finances, and ultimately my heart.

2. Chose Jesus

I desire to be more consistent with my choices. In everything, I want to chose all of Jesus, not parts or portions of him but ALL of him. Practically, this means waking up every morning and not letting myself submit to thoughts of discouragement, comparison or failure but instead, thoughts that are uplifting and life-giving. I also want to be more intentional with my quiet time with Jesus and really allow him to make himself realer in my life through intimacy. Choosing Jesus also looks like choosing his paths. This year, I want to challenge myself to not live in independence but allow God to guide and lead in EVERY area of my life – even areas that seem insignificant like my daily agenda.

3. Less How, More ‘Yes’

I think it’s about time to stop asking questions and just say Yes. This year, I really want to fortify my trust in God and what better way than to stop asking questions and trust Him in the process. I want to enjoy the bumps and bruises knowing full well that the end will be glorious. So this means, no more planning my life years in advance or giving limitations a platform in my visioning. This means simply believing that God is all he says he is and he will complete what he has begun in me.


That’s pretty much it for this year, I think these 3 goals will really be evident in a lot of practical choices and spiritual changes I am striving to make this year. What’re your goals and visions for this new year?!



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